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Beach Shuttle

Taxi Brouwer and Brouwer Tours are partners of the Municipality of Noordwijk for the co-implementation of the Noordwijkse beach shuttle; free bus transport between a car park on the edge of Noordwijk and the beach. An excellent solution for the parking problem on the Noordwijk coast on summer beach days.


When does the Beach Shuttle run?


The free Beach Shuttle (parking and shuttle service) runs from July 3 to September 5, 2021. Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and during the week in good beach weather (see extra driving days).


The free bus has been running in the summer months since 2008. A.o. in 2014 Brouwer provided this service for bathers. The parking & starting place of the beach shuttle Noordwijk is the parking lot opposite the old Zilveren Kruis building on the Gooweg. The parking shuttle stops have been the same for years; the Vuurtorenplein and the Palaceplein.


The free parking and shuttle service, Noordwijkse Beach shuttle, runs every Sunday in good beach weather. The beach shuttle bus can also be used on hot weekday beach days during school holidays. The beach service runs continuously between 10am and 7pm. More information is indicated on the matrix signs outside Noordwijk – along the approach route.


Visitors who want to stay longer on the beach can of course also return to their car after 7 p.m. Taxi Brouwer takes visitors to the car park at a reduced rate.


Would you like to know exactly when the beach shuttle runs? For more information, visit: