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Student transport

Taxi Brouwer Noordwijk is a local specialist in student transport by taxi bus. On behalf of a large number of municipalities (including Noordwijk, Katwijk, Rijnsburg, Wassenaar and Leiden) our taxi company has provided student transport by taxi bus.


Special education

If a child goes to special education school (special primary education or secondary special education) it is customary that a taxi bus is used for student transport. Taxi Brouwer Noordwijk is regularly used for student transport and group transport on behalf of municipalities.


Customization transportation

Would you like to know more about student transport by taxi? The municipality where you live can arrange “appropriate” student transport. This can be a compensation with which you can make an arrangement yourself, but the municipality can also offer a paid alternative. An example of such an alternative is collective regular transport for students in special education, also called group transport.


Student transport is characterized by an 8-seater taxi van or taxi with driver, without additional guidance. Transport is from your home address to the relevant school and back. The way in which it is determined whether this form of group transport is “appropriate” for your child, but also the conditions under which this transport is offered, vary per municipality.

The conditions are laid down in the “Township Student Transport Regulation”. More information about this regulation is available from your municipality (online, by telephone or at the counter).


Role of the township

The township, as responsible for student transport, can put (part of) the implementation and organization out to public tender to taxi companies such as Taxi Brouwer Noordwijk. The registration of the transport usually goes through the municipality. You will have received the regulations under which student transport can take place via the township.


If you would like to receive more information about the possibilities for group transport of Taxi Brouwer, please use the contact form. You can of course also call 071 36 11 000. Our employees of the group transport department will be happy to assist you.